FIFA 18 DOWN – Servers down on release day

FIFA 18 DOWN - EA Servers down on release day
FIFA 18 DOWN – EA Servers not working on release day for PS4, Xbox gamers
FIFA 18 was released earlier today on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch, but EA Sports new game is suffering from server and connection issues.

Independent website DownDetector tracks social comments around outages is currently tracking the situation, as well as numerous people unhappy with the outage.

Down Detector logged thousands of reports from fans unable to connect to the game at 7.30PM today

The issue is mainly affecting users in the UK with Down Detector initially registering over 1000 reports from users experiencing issues with EA Servers and it appears to be rising.

There doesn’t appear to be any word from EA Help or FIFA’s official Twitter account on the matter.

Naturally, fans of the game are not happy.

One such unhappy player commented: “buy the game. Turn game on. Servers down. Shambles EA absolute shambles.”

Another commented: “Brought Fifa 18 and cant get on because Servers are down apparently. What’s going on?”

While another clearly frustrated fan of the game also said: “Just got FIFA 18 and the servers are down! What a great f**king start.”